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Spares continue to be delivered !

Please call 01268 710 643, or click here to email us.

Our spares department truly sets Hostess Trolley World apart from the crowd, we pride ourselves on providing a fantastic range of spares for current and obsolete models of Hostess Trolleys, Side Servers and Hot trays. from spare door handles, to that hard to find electrical replacement, even going so far as to source and manufacture parts that are no longer produced by the original manufacturer!

time and again, we recieve notes of thanks from satisfied customers, glad that finally they have found at Hostess Trolley World, a source for replacement dishes or Hostess Trolley Heating Elements.

Take a while to look through the links below, and bear in mind, if the part you need isn't on our list, then please contact us, we can invariably locate the parts you need to extend the life of your favourite Hostess, ECKO or Philips Product. It may even be possible for us to carry out the repair required depending on you location.

If you have any enquiries, please call Billericay: 01268 710 643, or click here to email us

We'll be more than happy to help however we can.

When It Comes To Spares, We Have The Experience
To Go The Extra Mile... So You Don't Have To!


• Replacement Dishes and Lids (for 3 and 4 dish Hostess Trolleys and Side Servers)

• Hostess Trolley (3 Dish Range) Spare Parts

• Hostess Trolley (3 Dish Range) Electrical Spares

• Hostess Side Servers, Spare parts

• Hostess Side Servers, Electrical Spares

• Cordless Hot Tray Electrical Spares and replacement power leads.

• Hostess Trolley (4 Dish Models, ECKO/Philips ) Spare Parts

• Hostess Trolley (4 Dish Models, ECKO/Philips ) Electrical Spares

• Documentation (for Hostess Trolleys and Side Servers)



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