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Hostess Rechargeable Electric Cork Remover CR00RA

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No more wrestling with the bottle to remove the cork to enjoy your favourite bottle of wine as Hostess have launched their latest hosting help with the Hostess Cork Remover CR00RA. Such an easy to use product which also has the bonus of a foil cutter which sits neatly along side in the charge stand. Simply cut round and remove the foil top to expose the cork, sit the remover over the cork and by pressing the button see the cork smoothly raised out of the bottle. Should you afterwards wish to seal and preserve the wine for a period of time, then of course Hostess have the answer for that too with their Hostess Wine Preserver WP00RA also available here at HTW. Hostess really do make
entertaining effortless...

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elegantly designed and a practical solution

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Product Information:
  • Rechargeable electric Cork Remover
  • Opens up to "40" bottles on a single charge
  • Charging base with blue LED indicator
  • Accompanying foil cutter
  • Stylish and easy to use
  • Mains adapter included

Suitable for individual or commercial use by party hosts, event venues, bars, pubs, restaurant.

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